How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

Dogs are man’s best friends. If you are a dog lover, you would love your furry friend to accompany you to every holiday, every party, every picnic...anywhere you can think of! Dogs love to be around people, and many of them love taking rides with their favorite people. But it’s not so fun when they leave behind mountains of dog hair! Dog hair is hard to clean, and the job can leave you exhausted. Here are a few ways you can keep your car’s interiors free of dog hair.

Use a Fabric Softener

One of the best ways to get dog hair strands out of car seats and carpets is to use fabric softener. Fabric softener contains ingredients that loosen hair and is a great tool to use in your fight against dog hair. Mix a few teaspoons of fabric softener with water, and pour it all into a spray bottle. Spray the fabric softener and water mixture onto your upholstery and wipe it away with a paper towel. Allow the upholstery to dry and then vacuum away the leftover pet hair.

Brush Your Dog’s Fur

This might come as a surprise to you, but a good brushing can shake off loose hairs from your dog before they enter the vehicle. Make sure to use the right type of brush for your dog’s coat type. If you don’t use the right type of brush, you may do more harm than good.

Make Use of Velcro Curlers

Old-timey hair curlers might not work as well as a curling iron, but they’re great for picking up stray dog hair. They work just like a lint brush. Run the curlers on your seats to pick up dog hair. Velcro curlers do not contain any adhesives like lint brushes, so they can be used more than once. You will have to clean hair out of the curlers periodically, though.

Wear a Rubber Glove

Rubber gloves can also pick up stray dog hair. Wear the rubber glove and dip your fingers in water to dampen the glove. Then, rub the hairy areas in one direction with the wet glove. The dog hair will form in large clumps that can be picked up or vacuumed away. Alternatively, you can also wet the upholstery lightly with water and then brush it with your gloved hands. This way, the dog hair will stick to your fingertips. If you do not have a rubber glove, you can use a washcloth or a slightly damp sponge to clean the upholstery.

Also, remember that while some dog hair is quite easy to vacuum clean, there are other types that do not seem to budge from the seats or carpets. Find the method that suits you the best to keep your car neat and tidy!