Coronavirus and Cars: What You Need to Know

The coronavirus has taken over the global scene, with several businesses forced to shut down in an attempt to check the spread of the virus. If you reside in Goose Creek, Summerville, or Columbia and have questions about car dealerships North Charleston, SC, during the pandemic, here’s a guide on what you need to know about buying, servicing, and other car services during the pandemic. 

While you can’t really go out and buy a new vehicle at this time, the good news is most dealerships are offering a 6-month extension on expired leases so that you get greater flexibility and won’t have to worry if your car’s lease expires during this period. 

If your MOT is due after 30th March 2020, you’ll be exempted for a period of 6 months, but you’ll still need to make sure you’re keeping your car in a functional state so don’t forget to check up on its lights, tires, windscreen wipers, and other parts. 

If you need to service your car or get some repair work done, you’ll need to contact your local dealership to find out whether not servicing your vehicle during this period can invalidate your vehicle warranty. While some garages offering essential repair work are to remain open, you must make it a point to contact the garage prior to getting your scheduled repairs done. 

If your car breaks down on the road while you’re driving through Goose Creek, Summerville, or Columbia, you can make use of breakdown services which are operating as usual with patrols adhering to stringent health and hygiene guidelines, making use of protective gloves while offering assistance in vans that are stocked with the necessary cleaning products. 

Driving tests have been suspended for three months from 20th March (except for critical workers), so if you’ve registered and paid for yours, you’ll be given a refund in a few weeks. Once these tests resume, priority will be given to those whose tests were canceled during this period. 

If you’re finding it difficult to make your car payments during this time due to the impact of COVID-19 on your finances, you can request a restructuring of your loan agreement so that your payments may be deferred for a few months. 

While service stations for refueling remain open, you must take care to use disposable gloves or hand sanitizer to avoid picking up the virus from surfaces. 

Lastly, remember to take your car out for a drive for some essential services to prevent a dying battery that could result from the car not being used. 

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Source: Nissan