Nissan Safety Technology


The Nissan is one of the safest cars to drive in Charleston thanks to its advanced technology safety features. The safety features are part of Nissans suite of Intelligent Driver Assistance technology called Safety Shield that is designed for both passenger and driver safety. The features broadly fall into three categories of safety monitor (monitor driving), respond (responding to an accident), and protect (providing protection to the driver and passengers after an accident). This...continue reading

2019 Maxima


If you are on the lookout for an economical, fuel-saving sports sedan with advanced safety technology features and a dizzy array of other power-enhancing features, theres nothing like the 2019 Maxima. Nissan has spoilt us with this one. With six versions out in the market and each one sporting a huge array of intelligent features, we have lots of variety to choose from.


S Version

The basic version is not so basic after all. With a 3.5L V6 engine and automatic emergency brakes, even this basic...continue reading

2019 Rogue Sport


The Rogue Sport a spacious crossover with a sports car-inspired body continues to be one of the faster-selling cars manufactured by Nissan. Whether its a break from your usual routine or a quick adventure that you crave for, you can count on the Rogue Sport. There is nothing delicate about this beauty. Its built for rough riding on tough roads, and its Intelligent AWD feature is designed to be driven through any weather, while its Intelligence Mobility features work effortlessly to keep...continue reading


What is NISMO?


NISMO is the abbreviated form of Nissan Motorsport International Limited. It is the department within Nissan that deals with tuning, motorsports, and performance. The name itself is coined by combining Nissan and Motorsport (NIS+MO) to get NISMO. The story behind the conception of NISMO is very interesting.


In the early 1980s, Nissan decided to merge two of its departments the Oppama works (known commonly as Publication Division 3) and Omori works (Special Car Testing Division). The idea...continue reading

Things to Avoid While Spring Cleaning Your Car

Its spring again, which means its time to spring clean your car. Be careful you dont damage the car while trying to make it shine. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while cleaning.

Using Kitchen Soap for Car Cleaning

You might think that a good dish soap is enough to get your car sparkling. This couldnt be more wrong. These products are designed to work well on dishes. Not cars. They can damage your cars paint and remove any efforts you make to keep it waxed....continue reading

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