Nissan is coming up with something distinctly Japanese with its updated 2020 Nissan Frontier. The auto giant is revamping the old model by putting the powertrain of the next-gen pickup truck into its current pickup. 

Launching pompously at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, the upcoming 2020 Nissan Frontier will be available with the 2021 Nissan Frontier's latest 3.8-liter direct-injection V-6 engine, which packs 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque coupled with a new 9-speed automatic transmission....continue reading

Keyless entry systems are becoming a standard on almost all vehicles on the market. Take any automobile company today. All of them will offer models with keyless entry to change the way people access their cars. Here are some of the major benefits that you are likely to get from these systems:

1. Enhanced security

Vehicle theft is a major concern for owners around the globe. This is the reason why they take all important measures to safeguard their valuable possession from being stolen. A car remote enhances security...continue reading

Have you ever considered an engine swap? Thats the process of replacing the original engine with another one. Sometimes, people consider putting a V6 engine into a four-cylinder car. But before doing that, its important to know the difference between the two versions. 

4-cylinder engines usually come in "inline" or straight" configurations. On the other hand, 6-cylinder engines are commonly configured in a compact "V" shape and hence are called V6s. American automakers preferred V6 engines...continue reading

A trim of a car is basically another version of the same model. The trim, also known as grade, generally lays down a base model's performance, options, features, and extras. The differences may, however, lie in the vehicles transmission or engine type, interior styling, comfort and convenience features, extra safety additions, and/or exterior design aspects. Some items like climate control, all-wheel-drive, leather seats, and trim molding are elements of trim packages.

Trims levels of cars are usually signified...continue reading

Regular maintenance and responsible driving can take you a long way in keeping your Nissan in a fantastic condition. Here are some tips to ensure it stays reliable

Respect the Break-In Period

The break-in period refers to the initial months of your new Nissan. Adhering to certain owner-recommended practices during this period ensures your Nissans future performance and well-being.

The break-in period is to give your Nissans engine enough time to settle. Keep your speed low, preferably below 55 mph, during this phase. Avoid...continue reading