Can I change just one tire?

Yes, it is possible to change only one tire, but only when the other three tires have most of their treads intact. The reason four tires must be similar is because it will lend uniformity in handling and overall vehicle performance, which encompasses activities such as cornering, braking and accelerating. You wouldnt want your tires to start skidding if you are accelerating in an emergency, would you?

When is it necessary to change a tire?

The tread depth is an easy determiner of whether your vehicle...continue reading

2021 Nissan Rogue Review


With every vehicle launch, Nissan never forgets to bring innovation to the table. Everyone knows that Nissan vehicles have something to sell to their customers. Whether it is the luxurious design or the impeccable comfort, Nissan vehicles are always the favorite. 


When it comes to Nissan SUVs, the Nissan Rogue is something that unabashedly creates a dominance in the market. The 2021 Nissan Rogue is under wraps and the most anticipated SUV of the next year. According to the...continue reading

The Importance of Rotating Your Tires

Your tires are one of the most important components of your car, which is the reason it's essential to ensure they generally get the expert service they need. Whenever you schedule routine tire rotations, this can guarantee a more secure and longer-enduring performance. You might be asking yourself how frequently you should need tire rotation.

Rotating your tires is an essential service that every car must have performed to remain reliable and safe.

The meaning of tire rotation:...continue reading

Iconic Halloween Movie Cars

Some of the more iconic cars of the past were found in the more popular horror movies. These trucks and vehicles were the reasons why those movies were a major hit. Lets now take a look at those models which are admired even today.

The 1972 Ford Club Wagon in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 


It was a green vehicle with Sally Hardesty, Franklin, her paraplegic sibling, and companions Jerry, Kirk, and Pam. They all went across Texas checking...continue reading

How to Carve a Pumpkin

Since Halloween is round the corner, here is how you should get a pumpkin carved out for you:

Making a Pumpkin hole: 

Spot your pumpkin on its side on a level, stable work surface. To cut through the bottom and the top of the pumpkin, a keyhole saw is useful. The saw has sharp edges, which is good enough to cut through the sharp edges of the pumpkin, as well as making cuts in it.  If you want to use light, make sure to make a hole in the top of the pumpkin, and ensure you are putting lights...continue reading