Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

It can be difficult to clean your car windows without leaving streaks behind. The spots and smudges on the glass can disrupt the visibility when driving your car. They can happen due to the wrong type of cleaning materials or improper methods of cleaning. You just need to follow the right tips to clean your windows flawlessly from inside out. Here they are:

Be Careful When Cleaning the Windshield 

When the weather has snow, rain, or dust, you need a clear windshield to have a clear vision of roads ahead. Hence, be careful while cleaning the windshield and wiper blades. Use a dampened towel or cloth to wipe the blades properly. Rely on high-quality additives that come with extra dirt-removing capacity for the washer fluid. When you are getting your car ready for winter, choose additives that have antifreeze elements. 

Clean With a Microfiber Towel

Choosing the right type of scrubbing medium is important for cleaning your car windows without streaks. Select tight-weave microfiber towels that allow thorough scrubbing without scratching the glass surface. Dip one side of cloth in water to clean the glass with easy motion. Then, remove the smudges and streaks with the dry side of the towel. When cleaning the windows from inside, you have to be gentler, so you won’t leave behind any streaks. 

Clean with Windows Rolled Down

For proper visibility, you should keep your car windows absolutely clean and smudge-free. So, when cleaning them, roll the windows down for proper access. When windows are rolled down up to halfway, you can reach every section for complete cleaning.

Follow Proper and Methodical Wiping Pattern

Do not rush when cleaning your car windows because it will leave more streaks than normal. This is an extensive process that needs more than a few strokes. You should take your time and methodically clean the window glass. Wipe them in all directions so you can clean every smudge or spot. Do not wipe in circles because it leads to more streaking in the end. Before wiping, spray washer fluid on the towel or cleaning cloth and follow a rhythmic pattern for wiping. 

Park the Car in the Shade

Sometimes, using a wet cloth can leave small white streaks on the glass. These are the signs of a cleaning agent in the washer fluid. When it dries up on the glass surface, it causes unsightly streaks. So, you should always prefer cleaning your car windows on an overcast day or after parking it in the shade. The car windows become hot under the direct sun rays leading to evaporation of formula on the surface even before you wipe them clean. 

Invest in Proper Cleaning Materials

For flawless car windows, you need high-quality cleaning products as well. Choose only automotive glass cleaners that do not have any trace of ammonia. Typically, ammonia-based cleaners are harmful to the tinting on the glass. So, choose solvent-free cleaners that are safe and effective. Dilute concentrated solutions with distilled water for better outcomes. 

These are some tips you can follow for a thorough cleaning of your car windows without leaving streaks.