Which Nissan SUV is Right for You?

SUVs are an excellent choice for those who love spacious interiors and modern features without compromising practicality and handling. Most of the crossovers and SUVs offer practical utility features such as towing and off-road capabilities. Whether you are new in the market or you want to invest your money in an SUV, Nissan SUVs are a great choice. Nissan SUVs are loaded with great features and cutting-edge technology, which make them an excellent buying option. But which Nissan SUV is perfect for you? This post will help you know which Nissan SUV best meets your needs.

Subcompact Crossover SUV: 2019 Nissan Kicks

The Nissan Kicks is a premium and exquisitely designed subcompact crossover. It’s a fun vehicle that offers plenty of technology and safety features. 

It is a family focused car designed that takes the preferences of young drivers into consideration. It has a youthful style and excellent cargo space. The Nissan Kicks has great gas mileage and comes with an attractive price tag.

Compact Crossover SUV: 2019 Nissan Rogue

The next Nissan SUV in our list is the Nissan Rogue. This car excels in all aspects. It offers immaculate style along with the latest technologies. With its 170 horsepower, you can handle any adventure with ease.

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility package is available for the Rogue and includes excellent features such as ProPilot assistance, which puts your mind at ease while you travel. It is a family-friendly vehicle that comfortably seats five. It is great for small families, but if you want some more space, then check out the Nissan Pathfinder.

Mid-Size SUV: 2019 Nissan Pathfinder 

This family-friendly SUV designed for larger families. It comes with spacious seating for up to seven people and holds a maximum towing capacity of 6,000 pounds. The Pathfinder is perfect for both long and short trips without compromising on performance and comfort.

It is an excellent model that will meet all your family needs and is available in an appealing design.

Compact Crossover SUV – 2019 Rogue Sport

Next, you have the option of versatile and great looking Nissan Rogue Sport. This is the smaller sibling of Nissan Rogue and features street-savvy style while still being practical. 

It is a great car for adventure trips with outdoor gear. It has a flexible passenger and cargo space along with 61.1 cubic feet of cargo space.

Luxury Crossover SUV: 2019 Nissan Murano

This is a luxurious Nissan vehicle with contemporary style and advanced performance. It comes with cutting-edge technology and an upscale design. It is a sophisticatedly styled vehicle that comes with numerous driver assistance features.

It has a luxurious and comfortable interior that will perfectly suit your modern lifestyle. The Nissan Murano comes with numerous hi-tech features, which make it a more worthwhile option.

Full-Size SUV: 2019 Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada is a versatile model that perfectly balances impeccable refinement and rugged capability. It delivers 390 horsepower and has a towing capacity of up to 8,500 pounds.

No matter which SUV you pick, there’s a Nissan SUV that will meet your needs.