Things to Avoid While Spring Cleaning Your Car

It’s spring again, which means it’s time to spring clean your car. Be careful you don’t damage the car while trying to make it shine. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while cleaning.

Using Kitchen Soap for Car Cleaning

You might think that a good dish soap is enough to get your car sparkling. This couldn’t be more wrong. These products are designed to work well on dishes. Not cars. They can damage your car’s paint and remove any efforts you make to keep it waxed. You’ll find more pollen on your car if you use dish soap on washing day.

Consider using specialist car wash products instead. They are specifically formulated to not damage your car’s paint or wax coating. They also foam up nicely so you can wash off pollen easily.

Cleaning With Just About Anything

Everyday kitchen rolls or household towels won’t help clean your car. Not only do they have trouble picking up small particles, but they can also add to the pollen on your car. A micro-fiber towel won’t cause these problems. It will clean all the tiny particles on your car and have it ready for waxing or polishing.

If you wish to visit a car wash, know that brushes used in automatic car washes can cause scratches on the paint. See if you can find a touchless car wash that helps preserve the fine finishing of your car. You can even purchase the right products and have this job done in the comfort of your home.

Bottom-Up Approach to Clean Your Car

Some people like to clean the wheels of the cars before they move on to the rest. But cleaning the wheel can be tedious and time-consuming. The best way is to start at the roof and move on to the glass. If you clean the hood and doors, still make sure you leave the wheels for last. Use a wheel cleaner to remove the dirt you have picked off from the road.

Using Only One Bucket of Water

It is always recommended to use two water buckets for car cleaning. Use one for rinsing and the other to mix soapy water. If not, you’ll rinse your car with the same old soapy water filled with dirt. You could even end up scratching your car’s paint with dirty water. Also, a clean bucket is a good way of ensuring that no soap remains at the end of your cleaning job.

Hot sun rays can cause watermarks on your car as you’re drying it. As a precaution, avoid washing your car while it is hot. Start washing after sunset or when it’s cooler outside.

Car washing is a routine activity during spring. Most people think that having a hose pipe and soapy water is enough to clean pollen away. This is far from the actual truth. Using standard items and simple procedures will guarantee a fresh look and showroom-like shine to your car.