What Is Nissan NISMO?

Like every car manufacturer, Nissan has some high-performance vehicles in its lineup. Nissan's high-performing vehicle brand is named as NISMO, which stands for Nissan Motorsports. Here we have provided some information about NISMO and the high-performance vehicles that carry this branding. 

What Is Nissan NISMO?

NISMO is the name of the in-house tuning, motorsports and performance division of Nissan. The NISMO brand is inspired by the ultimate performance of Nissan racing cars on the race track. An eminent group of engineers and test drivers who have worked in the motorsports and performance division of Nissan create NISMO road cars. These cars offer a thrilling and authentic experience of driving cars packed with power and performance. 

NISMO Road Cars

Nissan offers three models of NISMO road cars: GT-R NISMO, 370Z NISMO and Sentra NISMO. Let's look at these NISMO road cars in detail. 


The GT-R NISMO is a sports car powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine generating an astounding 600 horsepower and 482 lb.-ft. of torque. Every component fitted in GT-R NISMO is extraordinary. The vehicle has NISMO-tuned suspension, NISMO/Brembo braking system and a NISMO-tuned 17.3-mm hollow rear stabilizer bar that allows the car to give ultimate performance. 

The aerodynamic body design of GT-R NISMO features front and rear body components made of carbon fiber to keep the car's weight under control without sacrificing on performance and safety of the occupants. The aerodynamic design of the GT-R NISMO has a 0.26 drag coefficient. Inside the GT-R NISMO, you get NISMO Recaro® leather-appointed front seats with synthetic suede inserts, an eight-inch touchscreen display, Nissan Navigation System, Bose Premium Audio System with 11 speakers and many more comfort features. 


The 370Z NISMO is a two-door, two-seater compact sports powered by a 3.7-liter V6 engine making 350 horsepower and 276 lb.-ft. of torque. The sports car has performance-oriented parts like NISMO-tuned free-flow dual exhaust with H-pipe configuration, Nissan sports brakes, NISMO-tuned suspension with increased spring, dampening and stabilizer rates and many more. The 370Z NISMO comes with several comfort features like NISMO Recaro® leather-appointed seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and smooth leather-wrapped shift knob, and Bose Premium Audio System with eight speakers, including two subwoofers. For safety, you get the Nissan Advanced Airbag System, vehicle dynamic control system with traction control and a tire pressure monitoring system. 

Sentra NISMO

The Sentra NISMO is a four-door sedan powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine paired with continuously variable transmission generating 188 horsepower and 177 lb.-ft. of torque. The car has a passenger seating capacity of five and offers ample headroom, legroom, hip room and shoulder room for all passengers. 

The Sentra NISMO gets 29 MPG in the city and 37 MPG on the highway. It comes with an array of safety features like a tire pressure monitoring system with Easy-Fill tire alert, vehicle dynamic control system and the Nissan Advanced Airbag System. The cabin of the Sentra NISMO features leather seats and a steering wheel covered with premium quality leather. For entertainment, you have a Bose Premium Audio System with eight speakers, including dual subwoofers. 

NISMO cars are by no means inferior to racing cars we usually see on race tracks. In fact, many NISMO road car models participate in several popular races around the world. If you are craving for an adrenaline-heavy driving experience on the road, Nissan NISMO cars are just right for you.