How to Put a V6 Engine Into a 4-Cylinder Car?

Have you ever considered an engine swap? That’s the process of replacing the original engine with another one. Sometimes, people consider putting a V6 engine into a four-cylinder car. But before doing that, it’s important to know the difference between the two versions. 

4-cylinder engines usually come in "inline" or straight" configurations. On the other hand, 6-cylinder engines are commonly configured in a compact "V" shape and hence are called V6s. American automakers preferred V6 engines because they are quiet and powerful, but turbocharging technologies have made 4-cylinders supremely powerful and appealing to buyers.

You can install a V6 engine in a 4-cylinder model. However, it’s all about the money, time, and effort you put in to accomplish that at the end of the day. Swapping a V6 engine into a lightweight 4-cylinder can greatly enhance performance, thereby proving better than investing in a V6-loaded vehicle. Also, you can select a different engine from the V6. 

But you need to consider the following two factors before doing that sort of an engine swap:

1. Cost and performance: Sometimes, such a replacement does not prove worth your money and time because it would be much easier and cheaper to simply buy a model with a V6. If the car is compatible with a V6 engine, then you can just buy the V6 version. Otherwise, a V6 swap can prove to be an extremely rewarding experience because you can create a distinct and high-performing variant.

2. Mount kits: If a V6 option is not available for your car you own, then one possibility is that you can produce a mount kit that would allow you to easily put in a V6 engine. This option, however, is generally available only if the swap is popular enough to justify the production of such a mount kit. These kits can differ widely in terms of quality and usability. Some of them allow the swapped engine to bolt in naturally as if it came along. Others require you to weld in the mount kits.

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Source: Pexels