Why are my brakes making a funny noise?

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There's nothing worse than driving in your car and suddenly hearing some sort of mechanical issue rear its ugly head. Your vehicle is a well-oiled machine, but even great machines needs maintenance every once and awhile. This is especially the case if your vehicle is making some strange noises. For example, what does it mean if your car's brakes are making a grinding noise? It could mean that the calipers and rotor disc are coming into contact. It could also mean that a stone or some object is stuck in the caliper somewhere.

Is brake repair expensive?

It all really depends on how complicated the repair is. If you can get your vehicle in for service because the brakes start grinding, you're can catch the issue early and potentially help save yourself some money in the long-run.

One thing you can do is try to fix the brake noise yourself. If there is indeed an object stuck in the caliper, you can try and free it. You can try parking the vehicle in an empty parking lot, garage or driveway and driving the vehicle backwards and forwards to try and dispel the object. If that doesn't work and you're still experiencing some issues, it's time to get your vehicle in for service. Your mechanic will take the wheel apart and get to the center of the issue.

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