October is Fall Car Care Month

With basic auto care, you can save your car from many costly repairs. It improves the reliability and safety of the vehicle, especially in the cold weather. October is Fall Car Care Month and the perfect time to give your car complete attention and preventive maintenance before winter. 

Here are the top maintenance procedures to follow for keeping your vehicle at its best in cold weather:

Examine the Battery

In cold temperatures, the battery of your car may become weak or sustain internal damage. Hence, it is advisable to check the battery in advance. Check the connections for corrosion or dirt accumulated on the pole. If you suspect any damages or signs of wear, it’s better to replace the battery before winters. 

Check the Belts and Hoses

If the hoses and belts in your vehicle are brittle, frayed, cracked or loose, it becomes dangerous for driving. To prevent any complications, find the signs of wearing or damages in the belts and hoses and have them replaced. 

Make Sure the Fluids Are Full and Clean

When ensuring preventive maintenance of your car in October, make it a point to check all fluids in your vehicle. From engine oil to coolant, power steering, transmission fluid or brake oil, make sure that every fluid is at its optimum level and is dirt-free. Remember, dirty oil can create many problems down the road. Also, the coolant should be at the proper level, condition and concentration for smooth driving in the winters.

Inspect the Engine

You expect the engine of your car to deliver optimum fuel economy and power throughout the year. Also, there should be low emissions when driving. So, it is important to inspect the engine thoroughly during preventive maintenance sessions. 

Examine the Heating System

For comfortable interiors, you need an efficient HVAC system in your car. When the weather gets cold, your car’s heating system not only provides comfort but also protection from problems like defrosting. So, check your car’s HVAC system before the weather gets too cold 

Check the Tires

The preventive maintenance of a vehicle in October isn’t complete without checking the tires as well. You should inspect the tread and tire pressure in all the wheels. Also, get a wheel alignment if you suspect uneven wearing in any of the tires. Lastly, check for bald spots or bulges on the tires when examining them. 

Examine the Exhaust System

Any unusual noise in the car can occur due to damage or leakage in the exhaust system. This is a serious mechanical issue that can be dangerous for your car and passengers. Hence, ensure the complete checkup, repair or replacement of the exhaust system before winter.

Inspect the Suspension and Steering

Every year, you should make a routine checkup of the steering and suspension system of your car. Check every component including struts, shock absorbers and chassis as well.

Make Sure the Lights and Wipers Work Properly

Lastly, don’t forget to check the interior and exterior lights as well as wiper blades of the vehicle for safe driving in precipitation during winter.

These are some preventive car care tips that will make your car winter-ready.