Different Types of Car Trims

A trim of a car is basically another version of the same model. The trim, also known as grade, generally lays down a base model's performance, options, features, and extras. The differences may, however, lie in the vehicle’s transmission or engine type, interior styling, comfort and convenience features, extra safety additions, and/or exterior design aspects. Some items like climate control, all-wheel-drive, leather seats, and trim molding are elements of trim packages.

Trims levels of cars are usually signified by letters. Below is a list of those letters and what they mean:

T: Touring edition.

L: Level 

D: Deluxe

S: Standard, sport, or special, each of which can mean different things, depending on the car’s manufacturer.

E: Either extra, equipment, or edition, depending on the auto manufacturer.

X: Extra

G: Grade

When some of these letters are put together, you get the following trim levels:

DX: Deluxe

CE: Classic or Custom Edition 

DL: Deluxe Level

GL: Grade Level

EX: Extra

GT: Grand Touring

GLE: Grade Level Extra

LE: Luxury Edition

LX: Luxury

LT: Luxury Touring

LS: Luxury Special or Luxury Sport

LTZ: Luxury Touring Special

LTD: Limited

SE: Special Equipment, Sport Edition, or Special Edition 

SL: Standard Level

SLE: Standard Level Extra

SLT: Standard Level Touring

XLT: Extra Level Touring

SV: Special Version

The trim level is linked directly to its price. The higher the trim level of the car, the more expensive the variant. Also, replacement components and paint are always specific to the trim level. As such, the higher trim level will involve a higher cost to repair parts as well.

While buying a car, it's often easy to figure out which trim level will suit your taste and budget. Almost every car maker’s website will have detailed information on what is and what isn't included in the base models and trim levels of their offerings. So you should take your time to read them to ensure you are getting the maximum return out of your investment.

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Source: Pexels