Smart Rearview Mirror & Backup Camera

Keeping your eyes on the road is crucial to promoting safety while driving, be it the road ahead of you or the one behind you. With a range of models available at Nissan car dealerships in North Charleston, SC, you can drive through Goose Creek, Summerville, and Columbia with additional eyes on the road thanks to Nissan’s smart rearview mirror and backup camera. The Hudson Nissan of North Charleston dealership will provide you with more information regarding Nissan cars with the latest technology. 

Nissan’s smart rearview mirror and Around View Monitor can be effortlessly integrated into a variety of Nissan models. It allows drivers to get a much wider view when compared to regular rearview mirrors, which becomes particularly helpful in situations where there is poor lighting, like in parking garages or for nighttime driving, where it helps with glare reduction. 

Another benefit of using Nissan’s smart rearview mirror and the backup camera is that you get greater visibility during stormy weather, in spite of rain or snow on the road. High performing cameras have been combined with image processing capabilities by Nissan to create an Around View Monitor, as well as a Moving Object Detection system so that you get a more complete picture of the road when you drive and can stay protected against any dangers that you may have missed without using this system. 

By being aware of what’s behind you, you can back up more easily using Nissan’s smart rearview mirror and backup camera, receiving indications through yellow, green, and red indicator lines so that you have an understanding of proximity to objects behind you. 

The smart rearview mirror and the backup camera has a built-in LCD monitor that displays images from the rear camera of your vehicle. You can check the conditions of the road behind you easily on the LCD monitor and even glance that the passengers in the backseat through the rearview mirror. 

You don’t have to struggle to get a view of what’s behind you just because your backseat passengers are tall. Just look at your LCD monitor to know what’s behind your vehicle, thanks to Nissan’s smart rearview mirror. 

In fact, this innovation from Nissan was considered so unique to the field that the Smart Rearview Mirror was awarded the 2014 Traffic Safety Achievement Award by the World Traffic Safety Symposium at New York International Auto Show.