How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

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Gas is not becoming cheaper anytime soon. The sensible approach to battle rising gas prices, therefore, is to derive more from gas. You can spend less and get the best value on your money by making a tank of gas give more for your vehicle.

5 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage in North Charleston, South Carolina

  1. Use Higher Gears Wherever Possible
    Acceleration on lower gears consumes more fuel. Shift to higher gears where possible. At places where the engine is not pulling the vehicle forward, shift your gear down instead of pressing hard on the accelerator.

  2. Switch Off the Engine Instead Of Letting It Run Idly
    It is better to switch off the engine if you see a red traffic light. Do not keep it running without a purpose. If you find switching your engine on and off difficult, consider investing in a car with automatic start-stop functionality.

  3. Choose Routes Wisely
    If you are going on a trip, it is better to plan your route beforehand. This way, you can avoid confusion and wrong turns and stops. Planning also helps avoid heavy traffic routes.

  4. Take Advantage of Cruise Control
    Cruise control will prevent you from pedaling hard on the accelerator and using brakes suddenly – actions that tend to consume more gas. With it, you also drive at a pace that’s legal, safe, and gas-saving.

  5. Keep the Windows Open
    Some driving experts believe that keeping the windows open increases vehicle drag due to wind resistance. As a result, the vehicle becomes slow. Your engine has to work harder to keep up with the desired speed.

    The other option is to shut the windows and turn on the AC. But this action also puts stress on the engine. So, which is better? A study has stated that keeping your vehicle windows open is a better option for saving gas than closing them and turning the AC on. The research reveals that your AC consumes more gas than open windows.

    Most importantly, give your vehicle the regular maintenance it needs. Professional service ensures that all components, including the engine, are in excellent condition. When the engine and other components are not stressed, they consume less gas. Visit Hudson Nissan of North Charleston's Service Department in North Charleston for Exceptional detail to your car's needs! 
Source: Nissan