The Best Holiday Sales Events

Cars are expensive. However, there are certain times of the year when you can get your dream car for less. Here are the best holiday car sales events to look out for when scoping out a deal.

Presidents Day Weekend Sales

Presidents Day comes right near the end of winter, so car dealerships often organize a special event to catch up on their monthly targets. The salespeople often offer big cash discounts at a loss. The bonuses they get for achieving their sales targets are larger than a few tiny losses. Presidents Day is great for them to catch up after a long winter.

Memorial Day Car Sales

Memorial Day is another celebrated shopping day for Americans. Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, and many stores are ready to compete over customers. Car dealerships also see it as a good opportunity to attract buyers with discounts. New models start coming in the fall, so most dealerships want to rid their current year’s stock to make room for the incoming new ones.

Labor Day Car Sales 

Labor Day Sales events are great for bargain hunters. Car dealerships are more open to price negotiations because they want to rid themselves of the old models. Newer models get unveiled right around this time, so salespeople are more pressured to move the old ones. Take advantage of the demand of the new models to pick up an amazing model from the previous year.

Christmas Car Sales 

Lights and festivities can bring out shoppers to find gifts or amazing deals. Many retail chains announce holiday sales to cash in on this buying frenzy. For car dealerships, Christmas is their last chance to hit their annual sales targets and to clear out the current year models. These dealerships like to offer heavy cash discounts to bring in customers and push out cars.

Black Friday Car Sales

Black Friday sales start on Thanksgiving now. Retailers are impatient to cash in on Black Friday, and you can reap the rewards. Car dealerships usually offer cash discounts, 0% financing, and other deals to bring customers in.

No matter the season, the best times to buy a car are during the holidays. The right deal is out there for you, as long as you know how to find it!