Altima Tech Drive 360 VR

Altima Tech Drive 360 VR

With the Altima Tech Drive 360 VR, Nissan is giving its customers the unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of its Altima and see for themselves what no test-drive can ever show you. Tech Drive 360 VR is a virtual reality (VR), 360° tour of Nissan Intelligent Mobility and Safety Shield technologies, which are a range of features that improve your driving experience, making it safer and better yet. Tech Drive 360 VR from Nissan is a first of its kind, designed and developed to give potential buyers a realistic look and feel of various scenarios and environments where its Intelligent Mobility and Safety Shield technologies will be most useful.

You get to experience first-hand how the advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies in the Nissan Altima work. These features can help to watch, alert, and even react to the driving environment, thus providing you a smoother driving experience. Prior to the Tech Drive 360 VR, there has never been a more immersive, entertaining, and informative way to learn about the benefits of these technological innovations that Nissan equipped the Altima with.

What are the components of Tech Drive 360 VR?
Below, we take a look at the various components of the Tech Drive 360 VR. These are the safety and driver assistance features found on the Altima that the virtual reality experience will focus on and show customers how they work.

• ProPILOT Assist
Nissan ProPILOT Assist can help drivers experience an overall better driving experience as it is capable of reading the surrounding environment with reliable accuracy using a front radar sensor and a front-facing camera located behind the rearview mirror. It helps in maintaining a safe and consistent distance between your vehicle and others, be it your daily commute or highway runs.

• Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
Tech Drive 360 VR can demonstrate how automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection works and how it helps you drive confidently even on busy city streets.

• Blind Spot Warning
You get to see how you can change lanes confidently using blind spot warning.

• Rear Automatic Braking
Rear automatic braking can help you back up safely and accurately, and Tech Drive 360 VR can show you how.

Source: Nissan