5 Essential Car Accessories

Although a car has almost 30,000 parts, car lovers know there’s always room for more. The automotive aftermarket offers various car accessories that can enhance your car and improve your driving experience. Whether it’s for your safety or entertainment, there are some accessories that almost any vehicle could use. Improve your ride with these cool gadgets and accessories:

1. A Heated Massage Cushion for Long Drives

If you love taking weekend road trips, you’ll know the importance of a comfortable drive. Economy cars may not offer relaxation and comfort like luxury cars. But you can change this by investing in a quality massage cushion and enjoy spa-like treatment wherever you go. You can plug it in the cigarette lighter and enjoy various massages. This kind of comfort might even inspire you to take the longer route home!

2. Bluetooth® Technology for a Hi-Tech System

Want to spruce up your old vehicle with the latest technology, or install the best high-end entertainment system in your new car? Choose a Bluetooth® stereo head unit. It will offer similar features like an OEM system, including voice recognition, audio streaming, noise cancelation, hands-free calling and more. This is a cheap and effective way to bring your car’s entertainment system into the modern age.

3. Blind Spot Mirrors for Safe Driving

You’ll now be able to keep an eye on danger with simple mirrors. Although the rear view mirrors in the car promise to give you a holistic view, they often miss the blind spots. With small two-inch blind spot mirrors, you get a wide angle view that keeps you aware of your surroundings. Plus, they can be adjusted for all kinds of cars and drivers. Unfortunately, you can’t fix bad drivers or blind spots, but being aware of them with these mirrors will indeed make your driving safer.

4. Jumper Cables for Emergency Power

Waiting in red lights or traffic jams may encourage you to turn off your car’s engine. But what do you do when it won’t start again? Having jumper cables handy in such situations can help you draw power from another car’s battery. Besides, with so many cars having automatic transmissions, this accessory is an absolute must. You can opt for a self-powered jump starter so that you don’t have to rely on another car. It features two USB ports for your smartphone and also has a flashlight. So if you are stuck in an isolated area, help is always with you.

5. Parking Sensors and Cameras for Hassle-Free Reverse

As parking lots are getting more crowded each day, it’s getting difficult for car owners to park their vehicles safely. In such times, parking sensors and cameras can save you from bumping into other cars and repair bills, too. Luckily, some cars do come standard with sensors and cameras. But if your vehicle doesn’t have those, don’t worry! With a simple and affordable camera and sensor, you’ll be able to park your vehicle in a tight spot! Plus, you’ll have peace of mind when traveling on busy streets.

So whether you’re buying a new car or looking forward to upgrading your old one, these accessories will improve your car’s safety, comfort and entertainment!